What to Wear to Wedding Venues in Edmond

Weddings allow family and friends to come together and celebrate the love between two people. As such, it is essential to be appropriately dressed for this momentous occasion. If you are searching through your closet and unsure what to wear to your loved one’s upcoming nuptials, here is a guide to picking out the best outfit to wear to wedding venues in Edmond.


What Should I Wear to a Wedding Venue in Oklahoma?

There is no set template for what to wear to a wedding. Your outfit relies on multiple factors:

  • Weather and season. Is it going to be warm and sunny, or cold and rainy? Your outfit should coincide with the forecast. Likewise, consider matching your attire to the season.
  • Aesthetics. What does the venue look like? Your attire should tastefully complement the aesthetics of the venue and wedding. For example, if you go to rustic Oklahoma wedding venues, you may opt for semi-formal pieces with earthy tones.
  • Wedding location. Will the ceremony and reception be indoors, outdoors, or both? Is the celebration in a dining hall surrounded by stairs or a grassy meadow? Ensure your outfit is fashionable and functional for wherever the wedding occurs.
  • Dress code. The couple may have set a specific dress code for their wedding. Whether casual or black-tie, it is best to adhere to the dress code so the focus will remain on the couple.
  • Your comfort. You should be comfortable and confident in whatever you decide to wear. For example, if you are uncomfortable wearing heels, it is okay to stick with flats.


Outfits to Wear to Wedding Venues in Edmond

Most couples prefer that guests adhere to a specific dress code or color palette. If you are attending a wedding with a specific dress code, here are some outfit ideas that respect the couple’s wishes.



If you are invited to a wedding venue in Oklahoma with a black-tie dress code, your outfit should be dressier. Men are usually expected to wear tuxedos with a standard black tie or black bow tie and dress shoes. Women typically wear floor-length formal gowns and glitzy accessories.



Also known as black-tie optional, many couples choose formal as their dress code. Men usually wear a darker suit instead of a tuxedo and dress shoes or loafers. Women may still opt for a floor-length dress, but wearing a chic knee-length dress is also acceptable.



Lively yet formal weddings usually require a cocktail dress code for guests. This attire allows more movement than formal but should still be tasteful and elegant. Women often opt for shorter cocktail dresses, while men should wear a stylish suit with an optional tie.



Semi-formal dress codes are more relaxed but still polished. Women have more options, from midi dresses with cute sandals to jumpsuits with wedges. Men usually wear a blazer with a button-down shirt and dress pants.



A casual dress code does not mean arriving at wedding venues in Edmond wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. A wedding is a special celebration, and casual outfits must reflect this. Most men wear khaki pants and a nice sport coat to casual weddings. Likewise, women can wear a comfortable sundress with sandals or a low heel.


If There Is No Dress Code:

Some couples do not set a specified dress code for guests to wear to their wedding venue in Oklahoma. If this is the case, you may be unsure what to wear. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Ask the couple what attire would be best for their wedding.
  • Talk to your friends who are also attending to see what they are wearing.
  • Be sure to check the look and feel of the wedding venue and the couple’s wedding theme by searching online and checking the invitation.
  • If necessary, lean towards semi-formal or cocktail attire to look elegant without seeming out of place.


Affordable and Beautiful Wedding Venues at Clauren Ridge

The wedding venues at Clauren Ridge are perfect with any aesthetic or dress code you choose for your wedding. Our facilities, from our gorgeous vineyard to our rustic Oklahoma wedding venues, are the ideal backdrop for your celebration. Please reach out for more information about our pricing, availability, and amenities.