Come experience a truly unique dining experience in Oklahoma’s exclusive wine cave! Our wine cave dinners are preceded by an informative tour from Owner and Winemaker Thomas Ingmire (or Kim Ingmire) that includes a Barrel Tasting. During this tour, you will learn the intricacies of winemaking in Oklahoma. Talented, local chefs create a five-course meal designed for our dinners. Each course you will experience is carefully paired with a tasting of Clauren Ridge wine.

Titanic Dinner

Clauren Ridge offers Titanic enthusiasts a truly original dining experience unlike anything else in the country! In celebration of this timeless ship and her passengers, we are proud to offer you a five-course Wine Cave Tasting Dinner featuring cuisine prepared from the actual menu of the First Class Dining Room on April 14, 1912. As on Titanic, the customers receive a paired wine tasting served with each course (coffee is also offered with dessert).


End Of Prohibition Wine Cave Dinners

Be transported back to the roaring twenties, with a Gatsby-inspired dinner unlike any other in the state. Guests and staff are often dressed in period clothes and the dining cave is decorated like a fantastic Gatsby dinner. Wine cave dinners include delicious 5-course meals inspired by the theme, and like all dinners at Clauren Ridge there are wine tastings paired with every course.

Harry Potter Dinner

Women dressed as witches , standing over a potion at the Harry Potter themed Wine Tasting dinner at Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery.

Visit the magical world of Harry Potter at Clauren Ridge. The Winery is transformed into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Our dining cave is transformed into the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Loosen up with a Butterbeer, Dragons Blood (red wine), or owls blood (white wine) cocktail before being sorted into a house for dinner. Our menu is inspired by the wizarding world accompanied by hand-selected potions, come and join us for a magical night!

The Seven Kingdoms will be dining together for our newest dinner celebration at Clauren Ridge. We will be celebrating Game of Thrones with a feast fit for a King and enough wine to satisfy even Tyrion Lannisters thirst. Join us as we transform the Dining Cave at Clauren Ridge into the Dining Hall of King’s Landing.

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