Wine List



Chardonnay (dry)
Soft and heavily oaked with a strong vanilla finish.

Pinot Gris (semi-dry)
Crisp and slightly sweet with a strong “nut” finish.

Mango Symphony (sweet)

Sweet and mellow with hints of melon.

Symphony (sweet)
Very sweet, mellow with fruit flavor and a rose aroma.

Peach Watermelon Symphony(sweet)
Sweet, very fruity with robust watermelon and peach notes. Tastes like candy!


Merlot (dry)

Dry with notes of oak and leather.

Syrah (dry)
Fruit-forward with notes of berry fades quickly with a smoky finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
Dark berry flavors, full-bodied with hints of smoke and hickory.

Meritage (dry)
A dry blend of four reds, complex with a spicy pepper finish.

Sweet Red (sweet)
Sweet, unique version of Cabernet Sauvignon. Starts sweet, finishes dry with a blackberry finish.

Chocolate Cabernet (sweet)
Sweet, smooth, and fruity with a dark chocolate finish.

Reserve Wines

The Reserve Label Is Used For Wines With Exceptional Or Unique Qualities And Is Only Available In Limited Numbers.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Syrah

This Syrah was aged in the barrel of a beloved Tennessee Whiskey. The strong berry notes of the syrah are accompanied by the smokey oak flavors donated by the American white oak whiskey barrel

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon is known to the vintner as the “Forgotten Barrel”, and to his delight was recently rediscovered and now available to the public. Beautifully balanced and smooth with soft tannins, this wine is the best that Oklahoma has to offer.

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