Synfully Sweet Canned Wine


Clauren Ridge is proud to introduce a new packaging line for 5 of your favorite sweet wines. The new aluminum cans are a convenient new way to take your favorite Clauren Ridge Wines on the go! Available in Sweet White, Sweet Red, Mango, Peach Watermelon, and Chocolate, there is sure to be a flavor out there for everyone. These five canned options are the newest addition to our already beloved line of wines here at Clauren Ridge. This attached short video gives a better idea of the convenience of this new product line:

Sometimes you can’t make it out to our beautiful tasting room, and sometimes a bottle just isn’t convenient. That’s why we decided to make the Synfully Sweet line of canned wines. They can go anywhere you do and are perfect for boating, camping, tailgating, cookouts, picnics, pools or just sitting around the house! These cans let you take your favorite Clauren Ridge wines and take them where glass isn’t convenient or just isn’t allow!

For purchasing or any additional information feel free to contact us online or ask any of our great staff about Synfully Sweet Canned Wine.


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